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Preromanesque church of St. Donat and Bell Tower

History of Zadar

Zadar is an old town on the Adriatic coast. According to Greek records, settlement Jadosinos had existed since the 4th century B.C. in the location of Zadar. From the 1st century B.C. the settlement was under Roman rule and was called Jadera. Ancient Jadera was surrounded by walls. Emperor Augustus had built one of them. The village had a forum then, a special market (Emporium), and plumbing, which led water from the 40 km distant Vrana (near the Fresh-water Lake of Vrana). Bishop Donatus lived in the 9th century. The famous preromanesque church of St. Donat was built at that time. For the foundations of the church only ancient material from the remains of buildings left from Greek and Roman times was used.

St. Anastasia, which is located in the vicinity, was built in the 12th century. It is a beautiful stone construction and has few rozetas on its front. Pope Alexander III dwelled in Zadar in 1177, and he was probably drawn by the beauty of the town. Well-known sculptor and builder Juraj Dalmatinac (George Dalmatian) was born in Zadar.

Sea Organ in Zadar

Location and Tourist Attractions

Zadar is on the west end of Dalmatia. The old part of town is situated on a small peninsula. it is connected with the new part of town also by a bridge. Airport Zemunik is located a few kilometers north-east of Zadar. When visiting Zadar, most tourists like to explore the old part of town where they can go through the town gate built in the 16th century. The gate has three entrances; two for walkers on the left and right side, and one for vehicles in the middle. Then, they can enjoy a walk and see old buildings like the Basilica of St. Mary, Providur palace, large arsenal, Fikus Palace, the Ducal Palace, and several private villas and houses. Archaeological Museum, which was founded in 1830, has a rich collection of remains from the early Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

It is especially nice to stroll along Zadar Riva, which among other things, has the famous sea organ. This construction is meant to provide a distinctive marine organ sound when waves splash it. There are also various coniferous Mediterranean trees and a few palm trees. There is also a custom, recently introduced, called Millenium Jump, which involves many people jumping into the sea from Zadar Riva together.

Palm trees on Zadar Riva

Accommodation and Islands

Zadar and its surroundings have a number of hotels and private accommodation:

  • Hotel Kolovare is located near the city center and has three stars.
  • Hotel Mediteran is located just half a kilometer from the sea. Most rooms have a view of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Hotel Donat
  • Hotel President
  • Hotel Porto
  • Hotels Borik

Autocamp Borik is situated in the vicinity of Zadar. The camp is significantly forested, and offers facilities such as:

  • Sport facilities
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Bicycle and sailing boats rental
  • Beach volleyball
  • Showers on the beach
  • Tennis courts
  • Lessons in sailing and diving
  • Waterskiing

In front of Zadar, there is the island of Ugljan. Ugljan is connected to the island of Pašman by bridge. Further in the Adriatic Sea, there is Long Island and National Park Kornati, which consists of a large number of small islands.

Zadar Apartments

Zadar Apartments Mira Zadar
Owner: Mira Roviš-Jakupović
Address: Zlatarska 3, Zadar, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Zadar Apartments Simicev Zadar
Owner: Albert Simicev
Address: E. Vidovica 17, Zadar, Croatia
Rent: 35 €


Zadar Apartments Ljuba Zadar
Owner: Ljubica Perica
Address: Ćirilometodska 8, Zadar, Croatia
Rent: 35 €


Zadar Apartments Gizela
Owner: Antonia Duvnjak
Address: Krešimirova obala 102, Diklo, Zadar, Croatia
Rent: 55 €


Zadar Apartmani Zadar-Diklo
Owner: Lidija Skroče
Address: Poljana Dragutina Domjaniča 27c, Diklo, Zadar, Croatia
Rent: 110 €


Zadar Apartment Rea Zadar
Owner: Zdravka Erceg
Address: Vladimira Papafave 5, Zadar, Croatia
Rent: 70 €