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Town Makarska

History and Tourist Attractions of Makarska

In ancient times, there was a settlement Macrum or Muccorum. Inscriptions from the Roman times were found in the vicinity of Makarska, and they are kept in Archeological Museum in Split. Makarska also has the Franciscan monastery from 1400., and on a small peninsula of St. Peter in front of the town is a church of St. Peter from the 15th century. Formerly Bishop's, now the parish, the Baroque church of St. Mark comes from 18th century. Of palaces, Palace Ivanisevic stands out. City coat of arms with a fountain was built in 1775. On the town square, there is a monument to the poet Andrew Kacic-Miošić, constructed by John Rendic in 1890.

The town has since its beginning been the center of Croatian Makarska Littoral. Its natural and cultural attractions of the village Kotišina, which is not far from the town, and its beautiful botanical gardens attract tourists and visitors not only during the summer season, but throughout the year.

Makarska viewed from the Adriatic Sea

Location of Makarska

Makarska is located in the central part of Dalmatia, at the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Above the town there is a mountain Biokovo, which is 1762 meters high. The sun shines more than 2700 hours per year, and the air temperature is more than 20°C from June to September. Crystal clear sea in front of Makarska has a temperature above 20°C June to October. Makarska town has about 13,000 inhabitants. In the summer season, at least 20000 tourists visit Makarska and surrounding towns, such as Brela, Baška Voda, Promajna, Krvavica, Tučepi, and Podgora.

It is easy to conclude that tourism is the most important branch of economy in Makarska. Because of its nature and climate benefits, a variety of tourist offers and hospitality, Makarska is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Croatian coast. Makarska riviera beaches are mostly long gravel beaches.

One of many gravel beaches around Makarska

Tourist Season in Makarska

Thanks to tourism, the city of Makarska upgraded infrastructure, tourism and catering, sports, and recreation system. Regarding accommodation, Makarska now has over 2400 rooms in various hotels and private accommodation units are about 10000, including apartments or rooms for rent to guests, one of the best in Croatia with regards to the number of available apartments for rent in summer season. Quality of tourism in Makarska is confirmed by numerous travel awards and recognitions. Employees, who travel from year to year, are working to improve the tourist industry. In addition, tourist season extends more and more, and now includes the April and October.

This is actually what all Croatian tourist destinations strive to achieve. Improving standards, especially accommodation, as are hotels, so is private, trying to make every guest's stay as comfortable as possible. New hotels are built, such as Hotel Park that is categorized with four stars, which will also contribute to higher quality of tourist offer of the city. Tourist office of Makarska, as well as other tourism entities, are responsible for the promotion of Makarska in Europe and the world in tourist fairs. Although Makarska during winter does not have mass tourism, tourist operators prepare for the upcoming tourist season.

Makarska Apartments

Makarska Apartmani Nelka Makarska
Owner: Nelka Tolj
Address: Put požara 9, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 12 €


Makarska Apartmani Villa Luce
Owner: Ivanka Zelić
Address: Molizanskih Hrvata 26, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Makarska Villa Ravlić
Owner: Dijana Ravlić
Address: Molizanskih Hrvata 66, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Makarska Villa Art
Owner: Ilija Stojadinović
Address: Put žuke 7, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 250 €


Makarska Apartmani Antunović
Owner: Miroslav Antunović
Address: Don K. Grubišića 7, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Makarska Apartments Villa Ventus
Owner: Borben Sumić
Address: Molizanskih Hrvata 18A, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 18 €