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Hvar Port

Ancient History of Hvar

Hvar is a town and the largest settlement on the island that has the same name. During the Greek colonization in the Adriatic, there is established, probably already in the 4th century B.C., Pharos settlement. Approximately one century later, Hvar becomes a part of the Illyrian state, and the 219th The B.C. comes under the authority of the Roman Empire. Since Roman times saved several inscriptions and remains of roads.

Around the small lagoon, which was later covered and became the town square, there were Roman settlement and port. According to one historian, at the 7th century a part of the inhabitants of Salona, the main Roman city in Dalmatia, moved to Hvar. In 11th century, Hvar entered the composition of the Croatian state.

The Town of Hvar

Sunny Hvar

Hvar is a tourist center of the island of Hvar in the Adriatic Sea. It is located on the south side of the island, and has been known by that it has the highest number of sunny days per year in Dalmatia. Tourists like to search out its most beautiful corners. The town's climate and weather features rise above average and that makes it an adriatic phenomenon. Specifically, the annual average sunshine hours is 2726 hours, a maximum was reached in 2003. when it was 3053 hours. Comparing with the famous Alexandria, in summer, Hvar during warm periods of that year had clearer and sunnier skies.

Of many sunny days, eighteenth day of July is the sunniest day of the year. Boon climate presents and more. Attractive advantage is that the average temperature of the sea in five months (June-October) is over 20°C. Often happens that the maximum values of temperature exceed 27°C.

View of Hvar from fortress overlooking the town

Accommodation in Hvar

Special of Hvar tourist offer is to stay in beautiful bays near the city that can be visited by car, bicycle or walking inspiration Mediterranean landscapes. Almost every bay has a restaurant or a suitable place for refreshment. If you add the natural charms of high quality accommodation and Mediterranean warmth and courtesy, the town of Hvar becomes an ideal Croatian tourist destination for a vacation for our society, couples, and families.

There are apartments and rooms for rent in Hvar, but it is good to make reservation in advance, especially during summer season, because of availability. But even if all hotels, apartments, and rooms are booked out, you can rent room or apartments in nearby places on Hvar, which are not in the town but close to it.

As for the attractions in the town of Hvar, is certainly worth visiting Fort Fortica (Spanjola), Hvar cathedral, Hvar Theater (and Arsenal) was founded in 1612. and the Franciscan monastery. However, Hvar is not only monuments. There is a port of Hvar, Pakleni Islands, located in front of the entrance to the Hvar bay, hotels, apartments, the air that heals, its restaurants and bars, friendly hosts, all of which makes the spirit of the exclusive tourist destinations. For tourists Hvar is particularly attractive with its many small and larger hotels, apartments, and private accommodation, and clean gravel beaches and sea. Hosting is sometimes overbooked in the middle of the summer season.

How to reach Hvar? If you are traveling to Hvar by car, depending on the direction of arrival (from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), you need to go through Zagreb by new highway A1 or the Adriatic Highway, to Split or Drvenik on Makarska Riviera. From Split you can go by ferry to Stari Grad (105 minutes), or from Drvenik to Sucuraj (25 minutes). Both ferry transporting cars. It is most affordable to go by ferry. Then the car can get to the town of Hvar.

Hvar Apartments

Hvar Apartmani Maligec Hvar
Owner: Željko Maligec
Address: Uvala Skozanje, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Hvar Apartmani Franjić Hvar
Owner: Marko Franjić
Address: Vrisak bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 22 €


Hvar Apartments Sea Breeze Hvar
Owner: Frane and Martina Drinković
Address: Bukainka bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 110 €


Hvar Apartments Tamara Hvar
Owner: Tamara Drinković
Address: Zastup bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Hvar Apartments Ivanović Hvar
Owner: Ivanka Ivanović
Address: Bukainka b.b., Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Hvar Apartments Katarina
Owner: Katarina Dujmović Bulić
Address: Krizna luka bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Hvar Apartments Biba Hvar
Owner: Biserka Žunković
Address: Majerovica bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 90 €