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Bol and Golden Cape

Famous Golden Cape Beach - View from the North

Location and History of Bol

Bol is located on the south side of the island of Brač in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It is the oldest town on the coast of the island of Brač. Extensive sand and pebble beaches that stretch the length of ten kilometers, and many sources of drinking water make Bol the first tourist oasis on the island of Brač. Vidova mount, above Bol, the highest peak on the Adriatic islands. Brač has international tourist airport.

The rich history of Bol dates back to ancient times in many archaeological finds and monuments - Roman cistern water, stelae, reliefs, early Christian sarcophagi, St. John and Tudor 11th century, the bishop's residence from 12th century, the church of Our Lady of Mercy from 15th century, fortified Gothic mansion in the 15th century, Renaissance Baroque palace with a valuable gallery of contemporary Croatian art Branislav Dešković from 17th century, and the local church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the 18th century.

Boats in small port

Tourist Attractions and Beaches

Along with its high-quality hotels, Bol offers over 2500 beds in private accommodation. Bol is number one tourist destination in Croatia. You will find accommodation in a large number of private apartments and rooms to rent. Apart from the multitude of small restaurants along the sea, discotheques and clubs, Bol offers relaxing moments along the Dalmatian Folk Song. As the largest tourist resort on the island of Brac, Bol their offers twenty tennis courts, a large tennis stadium with 1820 seats.

Bol is ideal for lovers of football, volleyball, basketball, cycling, water sports, such as scuba diving and wind surfing. In Bol waters you will find a true surfer paradise always very attractive because of favorable winds. Bol faces the north side of the island of Hvar, which is also well-known tourist destination.

Town Bol and the Beach far back in the picture

Golden Cape Beach

Golden Cape (Zlatni Rat) is well known and a highly visited beach on the Adria. This spectacular beach is about 530 meters. This is the most famous beach of the Croatian Adriatic coast, situated on the island of Brac. Unlike other beaches, Golden Horn Beach (Zlatni Rat) has a unique triangular shape. Crystal clear blue waters of the sea make it a place you must visit. A distinctive feature of the beach lies in its richness - beach changes shape with tidal. Restaurants, bars, water sports, these are just some of the fun on this island. Filled with customers and tourists from all over the world, fun on the beach does not stop.

Golden Horn Beach is particularly attractive for surfers and lovers of water sports. You can also enjoy the International races on the water that is held here. The beach is surrounded by green forests of pine and oak and other trees, the natural beauty of this beach is one more reason to enjoy this place. Brilliant night life, jet ski, windsurfing, water skiing and cool bars to enjoy - all are on this beach. Do not wait too long to enjoy fully.

Bol Apartments

Bol Apartmani Teskera
Owner: Jerka Teskera
Address: David Cesta 12, Bol, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Bol Apartmani Laguna
Owner: Nikica Marinković
Address: Ante Starcevica 9, Bol, Croatia
Rent: 70 €


Bol Apartments Jelavić Bol
Owner: Željan Jelavić
Address: Marka Marulića 15, Bol, Croatia
Rent: 50 €