Vodice accommodation - Apartments for rent in Vodice

Vodice accommodation Sibenik Riviera listing apartments for rent in Vodice:


Vodice Apartmani Centar
Owner: Josip Jakovljević
Address: Obala Juričev Ive Cote 26, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Vodice Apartmani Franin
Owner: Ive Franin Pecarica
Address: Matije Gupca 25, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 55 €


Vodice Luxury Apartments Vodice
Owner: Ante Morović
Address: Ranka Marinkovića 2, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Vodice Apartments Mimosa Vodice
Owner: Srećko Rakić
Address: Ludevita Gaja 9, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 55 €


Vodice Apartmani Jerkin Vodice
Owner: Zdenka Jerkin
Address: Stablinac IV/104, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 35 €


Vodice Apartmani Vodice - Bakmaz
Owner: Anđelka Bakmaz
Address: Stablinac 12a, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 30 €


Vodice Apartments Vodice
Owner: Vinko Latin
Address: Pudarica 13, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 10 €


Vodice Apartman Bope Vodice
Owner: Bojan Periša
Address: 1. Prim. čete 15, Vodice, Croatia
Rent: 35 €

Vodice is a town eight kilometers to the west of Šibenik. Vodice is attractive to tourists because of its location on the Adriatic coast, gravel beaches around the town, and little harbor for sailing boats and yachts. There are several small islands in front of Vodice: Prvić, Lupac, Tijat, and Logorun. Vodice is also very nice place to spending summer holiday. If you go on vacation to Vodice, be s... Vodice Tourist Information.