Ugljan accommodation - Apartments for rent in Ugljan

Ugljan accommodation Northern Dalmatia Islands listing apartments for rent in Ugljan:


Ugljan Apartmani Milo Kukljica
Owner: Milo Košćica
Address: Kukljica, Ugljan, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Ugljan Apartmani Kortenzija
Owner: Marija Baraba
Address: Batalaža 2, Ugljan, Croatia
Rent: 60 €

Ugljan is Croatian island and it is very close to Zadar. Geographically, it is located between Zadar and smaller island of Iž. Ugljan has several towns of interest to tourists, most of which are located on the northern side of the island, facing Zadar. Observing from west to east, these towns are Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomišćica, Poljana, Preko, Kali, and Kukljica. There are nice rocky beaches around ... Ugljan Tourist Information.