Pasman accommodation - Apartments for rent in Pasman

Pasman accommodation Northern Dalmatia Islands listing apartments for rent in Pasman:


Pasman Apartmani Ćosić Ante Antin
Owner: Domagoj Ćosić
Address: Dobropoljana 141, Neviđane , Pasman, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Pasman Apartments Katelanovo
Owner: Šime Bubičić
Address: Ždrelac, Pasman, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Pasman Apartments Biba
Owner: Biserka Meštrović
Address: Put lovora bb, Ždrelac, Pasman, Croatia
Rent: 90 €

Pašman is an island in Northern Dalmatia. Pašman is located next to Ugljan Island, but it is even closer (one nautical mile) to Dalmatian mainland (towns Turanj and Biograd na Moru) than Ugljan, which is about two nautical miles from Zadar. There are dozens of small islands around Pašman. You can see small island Babac, shown in the picture on the right. Like on Ugljan, almost all little towns on ... Pasman Tourist Information.