Pag accommodation - Apartments for rent in Pag

Pag accommodation Northern Dalmatia Islands listing apartments for rent in Pag:


Pag Apartmani Jure
Owner: Jure Bistričić
Address: Put Sv. Karina 10, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Apartmani Puntica
Owner: Ivan Lončarić
Address: Metajna 135b, Metajna, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Villa Ana Kijac
Owner: Ana Kirincic
Address: Gromacine 35, Njivice, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Pag Novalja Apartmani blizu mora
Owner: Darko Štiler
Address: Šibenska 26, Novalja, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Apartments Mia
Owner: Zdenko Balabanić
Address: Mandre, Ul. P. Kresimira IV 2, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Pag Apartments Damir Mandre
Owner: Damir Cemeljic
Address: Mandre, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 35 €


Pag Apartments Mia Pag
Owner: Mia Balabanić
Address: Ulica P. Krešimira, Mandre, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Apartments Barbati
Owner: Ivana Coner
Address: Vidalići 39, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Apartmani AS
Owner: Ankica Selez
Address: Maunska bb, Mandre, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Pag Apartments Horvat Pag
Owner: Anka Horvat
Address: M. Držića 7, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Apartments Milan Pag
Owner: Milan
Address: Miškovići, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Pag Apartment on the Sea
Owner: Beba Mišković
Address: Put mula 32, Miškovići, Pag, Croatia
Rent: 50 €

Island Pag is the northernmost of Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. Pag is connected to land by bridge at Dalmatian northernmost point at sea to the north from Zadar. Pag is also the name of the town located approximately at the center of the island. Pag is famous for its cheese and salt production and sheep. Pag got its name from Latin word "pagus", which means village. Some other small towns on the ... Pag Tourist Information.