Medulin accommodation - Apartments for rent in Medulin

Medulin accommodation Istra listing apartments for rent in Medulin:


Medulin Apartments Medulin
Owner: Mirko Bernić
Address: Burle 14, Medulin, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Medulin Apartments Pilar
Owner: Robert Pilar
Address: Biškupija 4, Medulin, Croatia
Rent: 100 €

Medulin is town at the southern tip of Istria peninsula in Croatia close to Pula. The town and surrounding area are very popular tourist destinations in Istria. The coastline is long and jagged with many beaches. Places close to Medulin are Pješčana Uvala (Sandy Bay), Vinkuran, Banjole, Pomer, and Premantura, which is located on the very southernmost horn of Istria. Medulin is one of the best tour... Medulin Tourist Information.