Krk accommodation - Apartments for rent in Krk

Krk accommodation Kvarner Islands listing apartments for rent in Krk:


Krk Apartmani Simpa
Owner: Fanika Škuver
Address: Stube put Kijca 2, Njivice, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Krk Apartman Njivice
Owner: Jasna Pomykalo
Address: Put Postana 13, Njivice, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Krk Apartmani Bonifačić
Owner: Nikola Bonifačić
Address: R. Boškovića 21, Punat, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Krk Apartments Žganjer
Owner: Marina Žganjer
Address: Klimno 166b, Dobrinj, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Krk Apartments Koral
Owner: Natalia
Address: Klimno, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Krk Apartment Fila
Owner: Fila Justinić
Address: Vladimira Nazora 18, Njivice, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 55 €


Krk Apartments Klaudija
Owner: Klaudija Topić Matković
Address: I. Mažuranića 7, Krk, Croatia
Rent: 45 €

Krk is a town situated on the south side of the island of Krk. In ancient Roman times, it was called Curicum or Curicta. Island of Krk has always been a prominent center of Glagolitic literacy. Oldest Glagolitic monument from Krk is "Bašćanska Ploča" (Baska Tablet). Among many Glagolitic monuments on the island of Krk are Vrbnik Statute and Vrbnik Missal. Glagolitic alphabet was used on the island... Krk Tourist Information.