Igrane accommodation - Apartments for rent in Igrane

Igrane accommodation Makarska Riviera listing apartments for rent in Igrane:


Igrane Apartmani Ljubica
Owner: Ljubica Bakalić
Address: Porat bb, Igrane, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Igrane Apartments Tolj
Owner: Mili Tolj
Address: Vrtina 148a, Igrane, Croatia
Rent: 50 €

Igrane is a town in Central Dalmatia and tourist destination on Makarska Riviera. The town is located just 15 kilometers southeast of Makarska. Igrane has nice and long sandy beaches as well as clean air and sea. Guests who like to have a quiet and enjoyable vacation away from crowded and noisy cities, they like to go to Igrane for summer holidays. Igrane is an interesting tourist destination in C... Igrane Tourist Information.